Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Real Hero - Lurex midi bodycon.

This is just a quick what I wore last night post. Last night was a quiet one, my boyfriend and I had planned on making Mexican food and cocktails at his but I had a last minute change of heart resulting in just going to his and watching The Shawshank Redemption and eating toast and Oreo chocolate! I think we made the right choice.
Anyway, for our severe lack of activity I wore my bodycon lurex midi skirt. I picked this up a while ago from Primark of all places, I'd seen them in Topshop but the colours never appealed to me. When I saw this one I was floored, it's a dark grey colour with silver flecks running through, I had to have it! With this I wore a plain white shirt from Topshop, with a jumper from Debenhams over the top. I actually nabbed the jumper from my mam last night in a panic when I decided I really wanted to wear the skirt but had nothing to make it look casual enough!
Shoes wise I wore a pair of Topshop wedge boots that will no doubt feature heavily in these posts as they're my go to shoes for day to night outfits. They're also majorly comfortable and I can walk in the snow with them. They were tested out in London in 2012 and they passed with flying colours! I then threw on my Navy crombie coat, grabbed my black perforated bowling bag, a chunky knit scarf and a Cossack hat and was in my way.

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