Sunday, 17 March 2013

Food - King prawn linguine with chilli and garlic.

First food post right here. Today I decided to boycott the traditional Sunday lunch, not really a decision I made more one I was forced into due to all other sociable humanoids being in the pub watching out local team playing football!
I seized the opportunity to run to my local supermarket and settle my king prawn linguine cravings.
I made king prawn linguini with chilli and garlic, so so simple but delicious and served it with roasted vine cherry tomatoes and ciabatta bad with olives and oils.
It was so simple and including prep took less than 20 minutes. I put the water for the pasta on the heat and while waiting for that to boil I chopped 2 red chillies and 3 cloves of garlic. I then popped a part baked ciabatta into the oven which had been preheated to 200 degrees and placed the cherry tomatoes, still on the vine, into a baking dish and added 2tbsp olive oil and a little sea salt and dried chilli seasoning on and placed on the shelf above the ciabatta.
Then when the water had boiled I popped the dried linguini pasta in, it was just guess work on the amount and then popped the chopped chilli and garlic into olive oil I had heated in a frying pan.
I let the oil really cook the garlic and chilli through and added the cooked king prawns after around 5-6 minutes. When they had heated through I removed the pasta from the boiling water and added to the chilli prawn concoction and mixed those through.
I popped some balsamic glaze on a plate then served up a helping on my king prawn linguini, adding any of the juices left from cooking, garnished with chopped basil and added the roast tomatoes to the side. I served it with the warm ciabatta with butter, olives, basil oil and balsamic and there it was, my romantic Sunday lunch for one. All that was missing was a glass of red wine.

A Real Hero - Lurex midi bodycon.

This is just a quick what I wore last night post. Last night was a quiet one, my boyfriend and I had planned on making Mexican food and cocktails at his but I had a last minute change of heart resulting in just going to his and watching The Shawshank Redemption and eating toast and Oreo chocolate! I think we made the right choice.
Anyway, for our severe lack of activity I wore my bodycon lurex midi skirt. I picked this up a while ago from Primark of all places, I'd seen them in Topshop but the colours never appealed to me. When I saw this one I was floored, it's a dark grey colour with silver flecks running through, I had to have it! With this I wore a plain white shirt from Topshop, with a jumper from Debenhams over the top. I actually nabbed the jumper from my mam last night in a panic when I decided I really wanted to wear the skirt but had nothing to make it look casual enough!
Shoes wise I wore a pair of Topshop wedge boots that will no doubt feature heavily in these posts as they're my go to shoes for day to night outfits. They're also majorly comfortable and I can walk in the snow with them. They were tested out in London in 2012 and they passed with flying colours! I then threw on my Navy crombie coat, grabbed my black perforated bowling bag, a chunky knit scarf and a Cossack hat and was in my way.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Style Caviar.

Welcome to my new blog. I've started this as I want to reignite the enthusiasm I had when I first started blogging. I'm planning on playing with the format a little and I'll be using this as a platform for my personal style, snippets of my life and loves and all things in between. Enjoy.